Copy wireless remote control to use node red UI to operate shutters

Hey there,

Is there a option to copy a wireless remote with 433,42 mHz to Node-Red and use this commands to create a UI to operate the shutters via node-red and further with Alexa?

I didn’t found any information to record the remote buttons, and on the other hand to use a wireless device to send the remote strings.

Same would be helpful to operate any TV which has a IR remote.

The remote if’s from Jung 48fh.


Micha, there is nothing built into node-red that will do this. To receive IR signals you will need a piece of hardware and then maybe you will find a node that will support that hardware.

You might try searching the forum and/or google for IR hardware that will work with your wireless remote.

If your wireless remote is a standard 433Mhz device (no idea what a 433, 42mHz device is) look into rtl 433. Requires installation of rtl-sdr and rtl_433 on Pi (not sure if it works on other systems)

Think they mean 433.42MHz frequency band (the comma is the Euopean way of showing a decimal point).

Cheers Dave. You learn something new every day :grin:. So -- should work with rtl then?

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I have used 433 MHz transceiver modules with a raspberry pi Zero W to set up and operate 433 MHz remote control sockets. Full instructions on how to go about this were given on the IBM developer website, but have now disappeared into the ether. However they are available on the wayback machine internet archive at Setting up the hardware for a home automation system.
There is also a wordpress article, while the IBM links within it are of course broken the videos accompanying the tutorial series can be viewed. I would suggest this should be your starting place to see what is required.

My experience was that:
Raspian "Buster" already has WiringPi so no need to install.
433Utils is made by GitHub user wolfeidau code allows reading and sending commands over 433MHz. The fork by jstevenperry works whereas the original didn’t! So you may need to access the links in the wayback machine archived article.

Hope that helps.


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