240V Transmitter to node red

I'm relatively new to node-red & have some experience with an implementation of Hue buttons.

I'm after being able to add a transmitter/receiver setup so when I switch a standard Uk light switch it sends a wireless signal to a receiver which switches a remote load.

I was thinking somethign like Shelly with node-red in between?

Am I overthinking this and there is a product on the market already which serves this purpose?

Rough wiring diagram below (note UK standard wiring, I've left out CPC/earth for ease of drawing....)

I used a Sonoff Mini (and Tasmota) with the light switch connected to S2 and S1
This allows the light to operate off the normal wall switch or NR via MQTT. It also allows NR to know when the switch has been operated so it can generate further MQTT for other devices. The only issue is is that the Mini is too big to fit in a ceiling rose so I have had to install them in the ceiling - not ideal.

Possibly not exactly what you are looking for - but close

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