Not Sure if it would work so im tossing it in here, DMX to Shelly RGBW

Hi everyone,

im new here, my Name is Michael and im from Germany.

I have a few question please dont be angry with me if they are stupid i have never used NodeRed before.

I want to use Shelly RGBW in my Master Bedroom, but i do not like to use only a regular light switch to change color, dimming etc.
I also do not want to use the phone all the time for this.

Would it be possible with Nodered to "translate" between DMX and a Shelly?

My Idea is to use a DMX color touchpanel hook it up to a Raspberry DMX Adapter and control the shelly RGBW via NodeRed.

But before i try to get myself to do this i thought i should ask if its feasible.

Thank you!
kind regards

Do you use the Shelly Cloud service? If not, then you can enable MQTT on the Shelly (you may have to update the official firmware if you've had the device for a while). Then it can be controlled via MQTT as well. So if your DMX can talk to Node-RED, you will be fine.

Hi, Thank you for the Info!

Thats sounds good, at the Moment i have the cloud activated, but honestly im not using it outside my Home Wifi. So this would not be a problem. I can still use the shelly app without cloud anyway as long as im in my home Wifi.

Is MQTT neccessary for NodeRed to "talk" to the shelly?

Sorry for my stupid questions, i really have to work myself into NodeRed because i barely know how its working.

kind regards

No. There is a shelly contrib node that uses http and you can keep cloud operations too.

Thank you!

Can you advise which DMX Adapter for Raspberry and which WIFI Adapter you would use?

If i want to use Homematic as well i have read you can "simulate" a CCU 3 on Raspberry, is this compatible with NodeRed on the same Hardware or would you use a separate Raspberry?

Which Version of Raspberry would you advise?

kind regards

Hi Michael!

I had "RedMatic" (addon for Homematic) on my Homematic raspberry as well, but decided to go for a separate device. Now I have Node Red, mosquitto and Influx on one raspberry, I think it is a 3B.

No, the Shelly's also have a perfectly usable REST API as well which you could also use. MQTT seems easier to me though as the broker takes care of all the heavy lifting for you. It also means that you can subscribe to the Shelly's own events that already update MQTT. So you don't have to poll the API to get status, etc.

Oh, and if you did want some control when out and about, you could always put together a simple text bot using Telegram :tada:

May make access to the REST API a bit simpler I guess. Personally, I still prefer MQTT and object to vendor-specific cloud services anyway - why I got into Node-RED in the first place :grinning:

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