Node-red-contrib-rpi-433 ... Assistance?

Is anyone using the above mentioned rpi-433-sniffer (and listener) nodes? I have been battling this for quite some time as I believe that if I can get this will be a much better/more robust solution for my project.

I have a 433mhz receiver and transmitter functional on my Pi, and using other scripts have verified that they are functional. This contrib node wraps the rpi-433-v3 package, which I have also verified is successfully installed, and using wiring pi am using the correct pin(s). I think this solution would be very helpful to others and if/when I get it working am planning on a full write-up to assist others.

Any takers??

Maybe the best thing would be to contact the author. There is a thread on GitHub (Having problems using this · Issue #3 · jmc265/node-red-contrib-rpi-433 · GitHub) that might be helpful too.

It would be helpful if that node had more instructions in the readme.

Also the underlining node (rpi-433-v3) is dependent on wiring, so you may want to look at it's readme.

Indeed, good idea. I have submitted an issue and will attempt to work it through there. Still would like to keep this thread open in the event that anyone has relevant experience with this contrib node and has met with some success.

As to the wiring pi, I have that installed and functional and am passing the correct wPi pin into the .cpp file as indeed I can get the core package to hear 433 codes. The node red rpi-433 is intended to wrap this function and make it available in node red...which is the part that is not working.

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