Rock pi 4 OS to work with node-red


Does anybody know what OS must have ROCK PI to work properly with node-red???

Thanks in advance

Any OS should be fine. But with a debian based distro you will have the advantage of using the official PI installer script.

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as Steve says - the pi install script should get it going on a Debian based OS.

If you want to get GPIO pins working as well, that takes some manual hacking effort afterwards

And if your the first one to do this then your going to have to the one to work out how to do so

Thanks a lot for supporting but I have got -
Another question!:
Now Ive already installed Node-RED version v3.0.2, Node.js version v14.20.1 on Linux 4.4.154-116-rockchip-g86a614bv15b3 arm64 LE
I have got rock pi 4a v1.47
And I can transfer and receive data via terminal using USB-RS485 dongle's
But when I try do it via node red I cant receive any
This Node-red project with dongles in this way I tested on RPI 4B and this worked fine
What is porting specific ????

You have given us no information at all on what you are doing and in what way it doesn't work. We are not telepathic, so please give more information about exactly what doesn't work in node red, and how you are trying to do it.

Thanks for your replay!

In node-red I use RS-485 block and USB port, - I send data to remote device and receive feedback from it
It works in RPI
But now I use the same project but with rock PI and Debian and it doesnt work - I dont receive any after data transfer from remote device
After that I knew what current environment doesnt work well with China's chips whithin USB-RS485 dongle and I change dongle based on FTDI
But the situations hasnt changed

What node is that? node-red-contrib-something possibly?

Sorry I confused - this "RS-485" block is, - node-red-node-serialport

Show us how you have configured the serial port in node-red.
Do you get any errors shown?
Is there any status text shown under the serial node?

The picture of settings is here:
I havent got any errors and can you explain, please, how can I set status text under the serial mode,- thats like the debug mode?

You can paste images here, you don't need to link to an image. Can you not do a screenshot rather than photographing it?

You don't set the text, I was asking if it showed anything.

Shut the pi down and remove the usb dongle, then reboot the pi and in a terminal run
tail -f /var/log/syslog
Then plug the dongle it and you should see it mounting the device. Copy/paste that text here if you don't understand it. Copy/paste please, not screenshot.

Also then run the commands
ls -l /dev/serial/by-id
and show us what they say.

[Edit] Added -l to ls command to get additional info.

@addi, any further news on this?

Sorry, now I set armbian and the problem was dissapered
Bit later Ill try again on debian to finish the question

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