Node-red in Linux os unable to control Raspberry pi 4B GPIO

Hi Guys!
I'm new to Node-red, currently i'm doing a project that need to use raspberry pi 4b gpio pin. However, when i used "node-red-node-pi-gpio" rpi-gpio-out node, it said not available. And I don't know how to control raspberry pi 4b gpio pin using node-red in linux os. Anyone can help out?

Thanks for attention.
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By coincidence I noticed somewhere else a similar issue
See: gpio fails as of kernel 6.6 on rpi - Domoticz

Perhaps it will help you as well


Have you enabled gpio access in raspi-config?

Sorry, may I know how should i do that?

Does google, or your favourite search engine, tell you how to do it?

Just as social comment - I've never had to "enable GPIO access" in any config in any PI I've owned or used so this must be a new requirement that many of us have not heard of or know what to do to achieve it

in raspberry-like devices there is a bootenv file you have to check if there is the correct gpio and if it matches the pin you want to activate.

Hi, gpio output node accept 0/1 or true/false on input.
Did you send string On Off ?

I send number 0/1 to gpio node

The things is, the node-red is running on Ubuntu os and the raspberry pi is using Ubuntu os. So, is it i need to create a gpio python script file and this code file can read/control by using Node-red gpio node?

I'd don't think anyone here has tried to access Pi gpio pins using Ubuntu.

If you need to use gpio, I recommend switching to the standard RaspberryPi OS

It is a pity you did not say that at the start. The general assumption is that Linux on a pi will be the pi OS.

This may be helpful. If not then Google yields a number of possible hits.

Because I thought most people think of linux as ubuntu operating system. So, I just only mentioned linux. I admit it was my mistake.

I found this tutorials also but I haven't try it out. I will try it once i free.

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