Node-red running on DietPi shows gpio nodes as not available

o this, running the latest DietPi (DietPi_RPi-ARMv6-Bullseye) on Raspberry Pi zero W and using node-red-node-pi-gpio (node) - Node-RED to talk to hardware.

However after deployment I see this:


RPi.GPIO python library is installed, I also installed WiringPi which show everything in order.

Not sure what's happening.


Dumb question: in raspi-config have you enabled the GPIO pins?

(Not part of Node-Red)

Since you are not running Raspbian, have you followed all the instructions for that node?

You may also need to search in the DietPi troubleshooting page...

Oh yeah, RPi.GPIO was installed automatically with node-red.

and I ran those commands as well.

I should probably give it another go.

I know that part from raspbian but using dietpi-config (DietPi is a lightweight os for rpi) and no options there to enable gpio. hmmm

Sorry.... I am not the sharpest tool in the shed.

DietPi, RasPi.... My bad.

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