Rock 4C+ - Raspberry Pi Specific Nodes?

The standard Raspberry Pi install/update script says it will work on, "any Debian-based operating system":

Indeed, it does seem to have got Node-RED starting on my Rock 4C+ running Debian Bullseye:

When prompted to "install the Pi-specific nodes?", I answered No.

Was that correct - would these "Pi-specific nodes" be expected to work on the Rock 4C+ ?

On my actual Raspberry Pi, I have:


The ADS1x15 I added manually, but I presume the others are those "Pi-specific nodes"?

I would not expect the GPIO nodes to work unless there is a python package called RPi.GPIO installed... - In reality you can install the extra nodes if you like - but they just won't work and take up that menu space... no harm either way - and it would let you edit flows from the Pi version if you needed to.


Looks like the equivalent on Rock is pyRock:

Am I correct that the "Pi-specific nodes" mentioned by the script are just the 4 nodes rpi-gpio-in, rpi-gpio-out, rpi-mouse, and rpi-keyboard ?

Those are the ones that "won't work" - The full list we install to make life easier is

node-red-node-pi-gpio@latest node-red-node-random@latest node-red-node-ping@latest node-red-contrib-play-audio@latest node-red-node-smooth@latest node-red-node-serialport@latest node-red-contrib-buffer-parser@latest

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