How can I fix elements in the dashboard?


I have the problem that I have not found a way so far the individual dashboard elements such as button, guage, etc.. To fix them in the group?

The problem is, as soon as I add an additional button, it is placed somewhere in the group and then all elements are sorted again, which is of course very annoying with the high number of elements.

Is there a solution for this?

Thanks a lot

I am not an expert but I notice some of the ..... things are locked (they have the locked padlock icon) and others don't.

Is there a reason for this?

Just that may not be helping. I too have had problems with layouts and - like you - have just had to realign them every time I add a new element.

Thanks for your tip about the lock.
I have now locked the text fields, but the phenomenon still occurs.

But if it happens to others as well, that's good to know. Would be only good if e.g. each element at the end of the group would be added.

When you are adding the new items (I'm talking GUI things)....

Where are you wanting them to be? Somewhere in the middle or at the bottom of the existing blocks?

Ideally, they would be attached at the bottom.
So the problem is that with a new item the order changes to 50%, which is of course very time-consuming to straighten it out again.

I get you.

Sorry, I'm out of ideas.

(Last minute thought.)

It could be something to do with where on the edit screen these things are.

Try adding something way down bottom right of the edit screen and see what happens.

I've seen the same problem too, but now whenever I add new widgets they all appear at the bottom of the layout, even if there are gaps large enough to contain them.

Do new widgets always appear in the same place in your layout? Where?
What version of Node-Red and Dashboard do you have?

New widgets dragged from the palette should add to the bottom. If existing ones are cut and pasted / copied then they probably end up “next” to existing ie in middle of list

No, the insert below unfortunately does not change the behavior but good idea.

I was able to reproduce the problem somewhat with the hints.
When I copy the element it is placed randomly and messes up the previous mapping. However, if I add a new widget as described and add it to the respective group, then it gets added at the bottom and the rest stays in the same place.
This is good to know but especially with e.g. Gauges I then always have to drag all settings and parameters here. There it would be naturally already nice, if generally, also copied, below are inserted.

My dashboard version is 3.1.0

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