How can I get object from RED._() function?


I use RED._("node.myKey") but the result is below.

key 'node.myKey (en-US)' returned an object instead of string.

How can I get object from RED._() function? Because I want to get object from "Internationalisation" json file.

We do not support returning objects - only string messages.

Can I ask what your use case is for getting an object back?

Thank you so much for your reply. :slight_smile:

My use case is using Internationalisation for display group of labels in external client javascript module.

  1. I create httpAdmin.get at created-node.js for return Internationalisation string, which I want to use.

  2. I create $.getJSON(..) function for get Internationalisation string from above (1).

  3. After I got Internationalisation string, I send them to external client javascript module.

No problem, if it is impossible to get object.

At above (1), I maybe read each string intead of once reading object, then create a custom object from reading each string.

You should not need to create your own admin end-point; the editor will have loaded your node's message catalogue as well.

In my understand, the editor use Internationalisation through i18n in html tag.

I am not sure, is there another method for using Internationalisation through javascript or jQuery in html? Because I want to gather Internationalisation, and send to my external javascript module.

Below are my present code.

  1. In my node-line-notify.js, create httpAdmin.get for provide Internationalisation.
RED.httpAdmin.get('/emojiLabels', function(req, res) {
            "smile-people": RED._(""),
            "animal-nature": RED._("node-line-notify.emoji-group-labels.animal-nature"),
            "food-drink": RED._(""),
            "activity": RED._("node-line-notify.emoji-group-labels.activity"),
            "travel-places": RED._(""),
            "objects": RED._("node-line-notify.emoji-group-labels.objects"),
            "symbols": RED._("node-line-notify.emoji-group-labels.symbols"),
            "flags": RED._("node-line-notify.emoji-group-labels.flags")
  1. Use external javascript module in node-line-notify.html
<script src="resources/node-red-contrib-node-line-api/emoji-picker.js"></script>
  1. Use jQuery "getJSON" call "emojiLables" at above No.1, then send result to my external javascript module.
<script type="text/javascript">
    (() => {
          let objEmojiLabel = null;
          $.getJSON('emojiLabels', (data) => {
               console.log("success load emoji labels");
               objEmojiLabel = data;
                  .fail(function () {
                      console.log("error load emoji labels");
                  .always(function () {
                      console.log("complete load emoji labels");
                      new EmojiPicker({
                          trigger: [
                                  selector: '.btnEmoji',
                                  insertInto: '.node-input-message'
                      }, setButtonState, objEmojiLabel);

Please advise me.

If you are running in the editor, you have RED._() function available to you.

You could try it straight away by opening the browser's JavaScript console with Node-RED editor open, then see what the following returns:


Note how you have to prefix the message identifier with the catalog name - which is the module/set identifier - where set is the name of the entry in your package.json that points to the node that loads this catalog...

This is based on what I can see in your current github.

Thank you very much for your advise. :blush:

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