Node red internationalisation does not work

I am trying internationalisation following Internationalisation : Node-RED (, here is how I did,

step 1:
in /app/nod_red/lower_case/locales/en-US, added lower-case.json, with content:

        "lower-case" : {
                "help-text" : "A simple node that converts the message payloads into all lower-case character"

and /app/nod_red/lower_case is the node directory.

step 2
in lower-cas.js which in /app/nod_red/lower_case, added code


it showed the help text correctly.

step 3
in lower-cas.html which in /app/nod_red/lower_case, changed help node to

<script type="text/html" data-help-name="lower-case">
    <p data-i18n=""></p>

restarted node red, refreshed browser, and found the help text was not shown in browser.

Could someone help?

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