How can I login to a website with username & pass from node RED

I want to do the web scrapping of a web site which needs username & password for login.
i tried with http and https request node but not working. does anyone have idea how we can pass this authentication ?

Hi @Chetan

it will depend entirely on how the website's authentication has been implemented. The HTTP Request node can be used if the site uses Basic Authentication. But very few sites do that. It is more likely the website has a login flow that involves exchanging username/password for a token, and that token must be provided with each request.

There are too many possible ways for it to work to give you a single answer. If you can share details of what site you want to scrape, we may be able to give you some pointers.

Hi @knolleary, thank for the response i am doing it for my heat pump application, i want to use parameters from here LOGIN - Remocon NET, and yes it send back the token.

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