Newbee question regarding "http request" with login parameters

Hi new to this world, and have just discovred Node-Red - wow…

Have made some nodes where I use (http requests) to “monitor” a webpage - no problem there… and now I have a new project where I though that I could use same metode - dohh.

I have a URL that goes wrong - i looks like this.
This url does a autologin to a webpage, and it is this page I wont to “monitor” the content of.
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Please excuse my language

  • Ivan

Does the url work if you enter it in a browser?

Yes - thats the the format for autologin

So exactly what problem are you seeing when you use that in the http node?

If that page is a web map as the URL suggests I wouldn’t expect a simple single http request would generate the page you would expect to see. Most web maps use lots of AJAX calls to build what you see.

have made a test login so you can see the real stuff.
[Removed by me]

But when using this in Node-red it sends me to
[Removed by me]

Here is my sample so far.
[Removed by me]

You should open that URL with your browser’s developer console open. Then you will see what is happening. For example, I can see that the server is using some cookies that you would need to deal with in Node-RED most likely. It also returns some 404 errors.

Finally, a warning. You are sending your login details in plain text over the Internet. So you should assume that every bad actor in the world now has them. Since it only takes one poorly configured proxy or cache to be compromised and then sucking data out.

I really hope the data being sent back is also not important.

There is really no excuse for this.

I’m dropping this metode - and are going MsSql instead…
Thanks all for help