How can I make a website page in the main node-red adress

I switched the flow editor to localhost:1880/admin, how can I make a website in localhost:1880?

~~what kind of website?

For static pages, you can use the setting in settings.js to publish a folder.

For a data-driven page, you can use http-in/out, Dashboard or uibuilder.

Apart from uibuilder, all of this is documented in the docs.~~

Scrub that, I need to go to bed. Just realised this was in the Dashboard section.

Not sure that you can though you could try changing the ui prefix to nothing in settings.js

Just, like, one to reference the "/admin" and the "/dashboard". I remember reading some of it but i dind't really get it, cause you can't leave the url bir in the http-in url box. Maybe i'm missing somehting?

Please read the comments in settings.js

The thing is i read... Sorry if i'm being stupid, I didn't really get it...

Not sure where in the world you are but I need sleep, I'll check back in the morning.

That's ok! Thanks for your time, I will try and look harder. (but feel like i'm really missing something.. maybe i'm just tired.)

I use environment variables read from a file by systemd on startup. So my defaults are somewhat different.

    /* By default, the Node-RED UI is available at http://localhost:1880/
     * The following property can be used to specify a different root path.
     * If set to false, this is disabled.
    httpAdminRoot: process.env.httpAdminRoot || '/',

    /* Some nodes, such as HTTP In, can be used to listen for incoming http requests.
     * By default, these are served relative to '/'. The following property
     * can be used to specifiy a different root path. If set to false, this is
     * disabled.
    httpNodeRoot: process.env.httpNodeRoot || '/',

    /* The following property can be used in place of 'httpAdminRoot' and 'httpNodeRoot',
     * to apply the same root to both parts. Defaults to '/'.
    //httpRoot: process.env.httpRoot || '/red',

    /* When httpAdminRoot is used to move the UI to a different root path, the
     * following property can be used to identify a directory of static content
     * that should be served at http://localhost:1880/.
    httpStatic: process.env.httpStatic || false,

    // If you installed the optional node-red-dashboard you can set it's path relative to httpRoot
    //ui: { path: "ui" },

Note that the last one to set Dashboard's URL path - that is relative to the root setting (httpNodeRoot or httpRoot).

uibuilder also respects the root setting.

Typically, I have httpRoot commented out, httpNodeRoot set to "/", Dashboard I leave on the default "/ui" and httpAdminRoot is set to "/red".

If you need more control that that, you will need to deploy a reverse proxy.

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