adminAuth change path root

i have set a user in setting.js

adminAuth: {
    type: "credentials",
    users: [ /* list of users */ ],
    default: {
        permissions: "read"

is it possible to change path when user login to a dashboard ???

When you say 'dashboard', I assume you mean the node-red editor? You can change the path you access the editor using the httpAdminRoot property in your settings file.

i want to be access directly to!/0
i have changed this line but it doesn't work
httpAdminRoot: '/ui/#!/0 '

Hi @hathemi

As I said in my reply, I was assuming you wanted to change the url you access the editor on - as you had mentioned adminAuth which is used to secure the editor.

It is now clear you did mean you wanted to change the URL used to access the Node-RED Dashboard page.

In your settings file you should find a setting called ui - that can be used to set the path the Node-RED Dashboard is served on. If you want to change that to / then you must also set httpAdminRoot to move the node-red editor away from the root path.

For example:

 httpAdminRoot: '/admin',
 ui: { path: "/" }

This will move the editor to /admin and the dashboard on /.