Starting node-red dashboard

Hello everyone . what is the item to change on the settings file so that when I start node red I go directly to the dashboard? thank you


If you add /ui to your url the dashboard shows up

http://your ip:1880/ui

is this what you are looking for?

hi Cristian you are looking for this.
but I want to get there automatically.
without adding anything.
I think you can do this on the file setting.

What do you mean by going there automatically? Do you mean you want the browser to open automatically when you boot (and then show the dashboard), or do you mean that when you manually open the browser it automatically shows the browser, or do you mean something else?
Neither of those two is anything to do with node-red, they are OS and Browser settings.

You mean
or even
Directing to the dashboard?

There was a post about this just a couple of weeks ago. Possible but not a simple task. More system related to direct http://yourip:80 to http://yourip:1880/ui not something modifying a Node-RED config file can do for you.

Exactly I want when I open the browser manually it goes directly to the dashboard without going through the editor.
can you do it from the settings file?
if yes, what exactly are the properties?
Thanks in advance

if I set this property it no longer opens the editor directly but it does not open the dashboard

That is nothing to do with node-red, you just have to open the browser on the url ip:1880/ui. There will be a setting in the browser to say which url to open initially. where it is depends on which browser you use

ok thank you very much now i look

sorry again for the question maybe the other time I had not explained myself well.

but I meant this; if there was a way from the settings file to change this setting.
when I start the browser when I type this, as in the figure1

if I could go directly to my daschboard instead of my editor, because I wanted to hide it from the user.

automatically when I type only http: 1880, it has to go directly to my daschboard.

And how would you end up in the node-red-editor ?

from here4

I mean if you replace the endpoint of the editor (:1800) to the dashboard, you can never reach the node red editor.

yes i know but when i need to make a change with the editor i re-enable it and then disable it how do i edit end poin?
Thanks in advance

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