How can I use icons on dashboard?

Hi, sorry for the silly question, probably asked other times, in the guide it's not described how can I install, or eventually call by URLs an icon to a button. I have no idea for both ways, unfortunately there is not an explanation or an example how to do that.
I'm reading here:

As well I dodn't understand how to set a button to ON (it's supposed to change icon? change backgound when ON?). I've tried to input a msg.payload true or false but it didn't have effect.
I got from the button guide that type the name of icon (I may say it's a kind of remote "url") does show the icon (mi-videogame_asset), but not all of them work, if I want to use tungsten the mi-tungsten does not produce an icon.
You better add in the guide I posted that to use Google icons you need to add mi- and that not all icons working, that may save some time avoiding mistakes.

Buttons don't have on and off state. If you want something that is On or Off you need a Switch. A Switch can be made to look like a button if you want that;

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