How do add new user login web node-red

How do I create a user different from the admin user and change the password for the admin. Help me. I have configured with the commandline: **node-red admin hash-pw**and add text password hash in the setting.js with user dev , restart service node-red

adminAuth: {
type: "credentials",
users: [{
username: "admin",
password: "$2b$08$aWx1PX64XKyvfUg8.jQwJuXDGbxlsZ.u7H9qcXgJ4eCoST/MbMNr6",
permissions: "*"
username: "guest",
password: "$2b$08$3o2evV.5aRpZAm4vpvjZWOnoA7OGKlXtb3JnDvHU0ETpZ4KYLSoqe",
permissions: "read"
username: "dev",
password: "$2b$08$b63NX8zYZJgY.K9R7Lieh.nybRH0/yUty90IWe9Nw1CmA84RlbCVy",
permissions: "read"


But is is seem error I cannot login page web node-red

  1. what version of NR and node.js are you running (see NR startup log for this info)
  2. are you using Docker, or Home Assistant?
  3. what error are you seeing?
  4. was this ever working and only failed after a change?
  5. are there any error messages in the startup log?

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