How do i draw a robot face on 3.5 inch TFT


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I have a 3.5inch TFT and RPi3, I plan to make a robot. How do i draw a face n animate it as in the picture?


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Is this a Node-RED question? I wouldn't think so. I suggest looking for helper libraries for your TFT. If you can find Node.JS ones then it is likely that they could be integrated. Otherwise, you could create your own once you've found out how to create graphics on the screen.

I note that there are a number of tutorials on the Internet for creating robot faces like this using various hardware.



Yes it is a nodered question. I m aware am in nodered group and am careful abt questions am asking coz i knw if i asked wrongly d answer won’t b so pleasing. Yes certainly i googled before asking.

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I think , as @TotallyInformation has hinted at (and given that your googling hasn't found anything) that you'd have to write one from scratch .

If I was going to try to achieve it, I'd write a python helper program and then call it from a custom node.

This is the way neopixels are controlled from Node-RED . The heavy lifting is done in python and the neopixel node makes calls to it.

Of course, if you can find a native npm module that can control your chosen TFT, then that would work as well