Howto render graphics in dashboard widget. NodeRed controlled robot arm project

Hi all,

I wrote a nice standard node-red interface based on dashboard library to control a small 3D printed robot arm. The communiation between node red interface and the robot controller is based on MQTT. So I can receive from the robot arm in near real time the current angle of robot's base, shoulder and elbow.
Now, I'd love to be able to render in the dashboard a graphic view of the actual state of my robot.. I've already found some nice sketches displaying a robot arm. So how can I integrate such sketches in my dashboard (ideally in a widget) and update them with my incoming msg.paylaods ?
I think this is possible thanks to the template node, but as I never done some web dev, I'm lost !!! A small working example (for example a simple line moving according to some incoming msg.payload ) would be GREAT ! Or any example allowing to do simple dynamic graphic drawings in a widget (few colored lines) will be really usefull !

Any ideas ? Thx !

All of this is certainly achievable in
node-red-contrib-ui-svg (node) - Node-RED

Hey Steve ! Thx for this quick reply. Stupid I am ! Sure, this node allows exactly to do what I'm looking for, I was too focused on the usage of this node for floorplans drawing, but in fact it's extremely versatile !
Time for me to dig in :slight_smile:
All the best, and be safe.
Cheers from France.

No worries,

During development with @BartButenaers, he was highly motivated in getting the SVG node up and running for his IP camera requirements & thus the mention of floor plans etc however we both knew this would be 100% universal.

Can I ask, once you have it going, that you post a demo flow (using actual captured or manufactured data) here for others to benefit from?

Cheers, Steve.

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Sure ! Will share code and flows ! Node-red / Arduino / Github / ESP32 / Servo motors / 3D Printing Thingiverse....are the nowaday Lego bricks and tools for makers and IoT lovers. But most important above all, is all the amazing people community sharing and working hard for the community.
So thx a lot you all for your help, will show soon my humble contribution....

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