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i was trying to build a GUI for a robot on Node-Red.... but is has a very basic layout adjustment options, its like everything in in simple row and column form and options to place buttons and video window is also very limited is there in other way to have a proper application like GUI using Node-Red.

The Dashboard wasn't built for complex UIs. (While they are possible to some degree... :sweat_smile:)

You can have a look at Julian's (@TotallyInformation) UiBuilder. It just provides the basics and leaves the complete UI up to you.

Another route could be the Dashboard and SVG, developed by @BartButenaers and @Steve-Mcl. They have even built some SCADA interfaces with it.


@kuema thanks for your help will go through the links...
so can i make a GUI using nodejs , js and upload it on node-red to control my robot ?

Basically, yes. The implementation details depend on the technology you decide to use.
You could even do everything within Node-RED by creating custom routes with the HTTP nodes.

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