In node-red dashboard can we create multi page application

In node-red dashboard default dashboard url is http://loalhost:1880/ui it is a single page application but if I want another page like /ui1 (multipage application) how can we create.

Is there any option for multipage application

The node-red-dashboard project does not support this.
You can do this using the node-red-contrib-uibuilder project as it allows you to set multiple endpoints for the dashboards you create, though you have to build the dashboard yourself.

Also, there's no reason you can't build a separate frontend. Node-Red integration is nice but sometimes not what users really want, it's easy to setup end points over REST or deliver data over websocket/mqtt I usually build a vue front end and use mqtt for realtime data.


uibuilder gives you the best of both. You create your own front-end but use the http(s) server from Node-RED along with its websockets. The front-end library uibuilderfe.js provides the front-end with a websocket connection that matches the back end and a simple event system that notifies your own code when a new message is received.

In the next version, currently under development, you will also be able to edit your front-end code files such as index.html|js|css, etc. direct from the Node-RED admin interface. This will save you having to remote into the device running Node-RED.

The uibuilder WIKI on GitHub gives a number of working examples using different front-end libraries including jQuery, MoonJS, REACT and VueJS amongst others.