How do i dynamic change the "maxin" value for the range node

Hi All
I need to dynamic change the "maxin" value for the range node.

I had a look here - UI Widget configuration via msg.ui_control and here - Gauge - Dynamic and i understand how that work and i can replicate the results.

I just don't see how to do the same in the range node.
I have tried to send - msg = {range:{maxin:msg.payload}}; but it has no affect on changing the maxin range.
Any pointers as to where to look will help.

If you look at the help fr th range node you will be able to see if it has any dynamically changable options. The min/max values in the range node are not dynamically settable

Hi zenofmud
Thank you for that...
I shall have to find another way of managing three dynamic ranges

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