Is it possible to change a node property by sending node a message?

Is it possible to change a node property by sending the node a message?
I'd like to be able to set the min, max range of a gauge to values entered by a user.

If you are talking about the ui_guage node then NO, it isn't currently possible to dynamically change the min/max values (as far as I can see)

Ok, thanks for the quick reply!

In general, no. But it depends on the individual node as to what they allow to be set on a per-message basis.

In the case of the ui_gauge node, you can set the min/max values by passing in msg.ui_control set to {min: 10 , max: 20}.

Here's a full reference of the dashboard node fields you can set using msg.ui_control:

Thank you!
I had been trying something along those lines, but was using the name I had assigned to the gauge

Ok, you learn something new everyday

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How to dynamically change server IP address?

say if I have a modbus, there is a "Server dropdown" box to select the server, can I pass "msg.Server" to select it?

In the Server configuration, can I pass msg.Host and msg.Port to specify these values?


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