How do i render webpages and obtain information from them?

I have this issue that i need to solve. I have created a custom node as in the example from the website. How ever is it possible to add button or input field to the nodes properties,like "Name" , "Server-Configuration" here, in the picture below, which would have a value which is transferred from a selection made on another webpage.


For Example from the image above,

1. Click the select Value button
2. Upon button press should open another webpage, which would have the selector.
3. Select a value from the external webpage, and the reflected value be placed in the x value field.

Is something like this possible. Upon my initial research, found these,

  • can embed an iframe but the information communication will be severed (for security reasons)
  • can use the UI- Dashboard feature install package add a link from the right or use a ui-template node to load the page
    as a webpage and the user would have to copy paste the value in the x-value field.

Is it possible any other way? I really feel that way is not really intuitive.

Any help is appreciated.

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