How do I unsecure the node red admin and dashboard?

I did an apt-get update/upgrade on my pi 3b OpenHABian system and now node red admin and dashboard ask for a sign in “http://OpenHABian:1880 requires a username and password. Your connection to this site is not secure.” This is after I have signed in to the node red admin page. If I cancel the login the admin site comes up just fine but the dashboard reports unauthorized.

The update seems to have made a secure connection mandatory. I realize that in this day and age that would be preferable but this in internal and not exposed to the public.

Thanks for any advice on how to resolve this.

I had similar issues in windows environment, and had done some changes in settings.js file that I could not repair, so someone suggested to rename settings.js file to some other name, and launch node-red again, it created a new settings.js file with default settings, and that worked for me. If it doesn't you could delete the new file and rename the old one back to restore settings.

Perfect!!! Deleting the settings.js file and restarting node-red worked perfectly! Thank you !

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Is your node red accessible via the internet?

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