How do send CO values from my Lopy4 to my gateway(Lora Hat + Raspberry pi 3)


So im currently working on a project that that sends CO values from a sensor to TTN and from there to Node-red and from Node-Red to Grafana. I will also have to build a gateway to connect it to TTN and I will build this gateway using The Lora Hat and a Raspberry Pi 3. I am seeking help because I don't know how im going to send the values from my CO sensor from my Lopy4 to my gateway that is connected to TTN. Do i have to send the data at the same frequency as the gateway? or do something completely different? And is there a tutorial for this specific task?

Any insights to this will help a lot and im open to hearing any suggestions
Thank you

Can't you use the MQTT protocol over LoRa?

no you can't. in some modes you can send about 22 bytes every minute or so... not over the air no. Yes from the gateway back wherever - absolutely... But the whole Lopy Lora to TTN question is nothing to do with Node-RED - so would be better answered on a dedicated Lopy or TTN forum.