Connect LoRa gateway with MQTT on Node-RED

I have 2 smart watches and one LoRa gateway. I want connect them to Node-RED and monitor the watches on Node-RED. I know how use MQTT in Node-RED and how create dashboard in Node-RED with dashboad nodes or uibuilder node. My problem is that how I connect this devices with LoRa gateway to Node-RED. Actually I need to khow about architecture and other requirements.

Hi @miladmrm, Your LoRa gateway is compatible with your smart watches? what is the model of your gateway? maybe it has an easy way to connect with Node-RED.

Maybe this?

Smart watches usually communicate via BLE / WiFi,so could you tell us what watch and lora gateway you are using?

There are tons of videos on the net describing how to integrate LoRaWan gw's with Node-RED. But as already stated, the lack óf information makes it impossible to advice further

I find it pretty cool if there are watches available that communicates via LoRa. Long range coverage, no need to carry an extra phone, most likely much cheaper than smartwatches for mobile communication

Is your watches connected to TTN (The Things Network)? In this case use this tutorial.

The gateway compatible with watches. The gateway and watches are made by onfamos company and there is no data about them, but the watches have iM881A-M Radio Module.

No I don't use LoRaWAN network, I just want to read gateway data as p2p by my computer.

Tried to look and see what gateway you are using (other than the chip reference), but can't find 'onfamos company'. Do you have a link to their site?

onfamos ==> unfamous ??

This makes no sense, leaving this topic now

You need a gateway with a build in LNS, or you need to host a LNS.

You need to supply us with information.

What gateway do you have?

Do you have a link to the watches you want to use?

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