How to connect Node Red with Milesight gateway LoRa

Hello Everyone, I have 4 LoRa sensors connected to a gateway sending packets correctly.

I don't understand why I can't manage to connect it with node red and see the messages from the sensors in the debug.

Can someone help me please?

Since we cannot see inside your picture or access your flows/gateway, you will need to debug this a bit yourself and provide more info.

For starters, put a debug node directly onto the GWLORA node - do you see anything? What if you operate a sensor, do you see any debug messages?

Also what node is that (it is not a standard node).

Also, what version is NodeJS and Node-red?

Lastly , is node-red running on the OS or inside docker or inside a VM? Try adding node-red-node-ping and see if your node-red can ping the lora gw

Dear Steve-Mcl

Thanks for your answers. I´m starter. I thin the problem is the node "Lora Input". I don´t know how to put a standard node.

Do you have another library version to replace it?

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