LoRaWan Sensor Data to Node Red

Good Day all
Total NOOB here.
In a nutshell, I am trying to get Data from a LoRaWan sensor (SenseCap210x Temp/Humidity) into node red which is running on a Webserver device where I can eventually create a user interface. I am certainly in over my head a bit but learning.
Here is the hardware I am using.
SenseCap S2101 Temp and Humidity Sensor
SenseCap M2 LoRaWan Indoor Gateway
Loytec LIOB 585 (Webserver that runs Node-red.)

Ultimately I'd like to bring the data from the sensor directly to the Loytec Device via node red where I can create a user interface.
I also have an AWS IOT core instance running with the gateway and sensor configured and showing online. I have found a tutorial and currently can send and receive messages from AWS to node Red with MQTT but I cannot figure out how to get the data from the sensor.
If anyone could point me in any direction it would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Wayne , welcome to the forum.

I don't have any LoRaWan kit so can only provide pointers.

There are lots of threads on the forum - were none of them an use? Search results for 'Lorawan' - Node-RED Forum

Have you installed a LoRaWan node? Library - Node-RED

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