How do you do versioning on flows?

How do you do versioning on or for flows? I change the name of the flow table, Flow 1.0, 1.1, 1.2, etc. Also add a comment node, with the name the same as the flow name as noted above. Is there some native method? Something in the flow file not displayed in the editor? Maybe this could be added to a future release? Text UI element in the Edit Flow view?

I use the Projects feature so I can commit changes to my flows into a git repository.

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Or if you don't want to use the projects feature then you can use git manually (or some other version control system) to do it. I use git manually.

Proper versioning, as well as easy deployment of flows (via git)... is on my to-do list, but still thought my idea worth mentioning, would be a friendly option if done. But of course nothing urgent or such.

I figure once I get my custom node code done, additional sensors other than BMP/BME280 series, I will dive into the git aspects.

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