How many

Dear All :

how many and how to use?

Thank u.

What do you mean by What is it?

Dear Sir :

ex :
name is payload.

and how many name the msg. hv?

Thank u.

are you trying to say you want payload in so for that you can create or msg.something whatever.

Dear Sir :

Pardon me, my English not well...
My mean is the msg object hv how many msg.xxxx?
I want to know how many xxxx it hv?

Thank u.

You could try this experiment to know more.

It can have whatever properties you want.

You must try and use the right terms. They are called properties. If you mean you want to count the number of properties in an object then google for javascript how to count object properties. For this sort of question google will usually be quicker than asking here. If you google but then can't get any of the suggestions there to work then come back and ask again. Show us what you have tried and what the problem was. Remember we are mostly keen node-red users here, we are not paid to develop your application for you.

Your question is very vague and I think you might want to see the value of some properties of msg

"msg" is an object that you can assign any properties to before you print it.

For , msg.value or;

First you have to set the output to be "the same as the debug output" to see them, or use the "function" node to store the corresponding values separately and then print them out.

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