How to access microphone (node-red-contrib-browser-utils)

I want use node-red-contrib-browser-utils microphone, but i cannot allow the microphone in site setting... HOW CAN I SOLVE THIS PROBLEM??

It is probably blocked because you are accessing the editor from an address that is not localhost and you are not using https.

You will need to configure your Node-RED to use https. See the https option in your settings file.

how to see the https option in settings file? need see what? and how to configure node-red to use https?

Edit your settings file and search for the the https setting entry. Read what it says to do.

i already follow the step in below link..

but i have occur errors....



is that i havent have privatekey.pem or the system could found due to give wrong path??

anyone have ways (in video) fro solve this problem?

The first screenshot shows it is trying to load:

  • /home/pi/.node-red/privatekey.pem

The second screenshot shows the file is actually:

  • /home/pi/privatekey.pem

You may have also tried installing other npm libraries from your home folder as your screenshot shows both a package-lock.json as well as a node_modules folder Might be worth checking those to see if you have to amend an install elsewhere.

it seen have correct path....


but it still have error... ee key too small mean?

Have you tried searching for that error yet? You generated a 1024 bits key, where openssl nowadays requires a minimum of 2048.

it success...but why it cannot open in chrome?

it show no data send....where go problem??

Did you change to use https in the url you typed into the browser?

thank you working and the microphone also work
Thank You

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