How to access selection from drop down property

I can access the text input field value, but the drop down selection from the properties windows is undefined.

Below is my code, how can I access which drop down menu was selected?


<script type="text/javascript">
    RED.nodes.registerType('tester', {
        category: 'test nodes',
        color: '#C0C0C0',
        defaults: {
            name: {value: ""},
            instanceId: {value: "", required: true}
        inputs: 1,
        outputs: 1,
        icon: "font-awesome/fa-handshake-o",  
        label: function() {
            return || "tester";
        labelStyle: function() {
            return ? "node_label_italic" : "";
            JoinID: {value:"", required:true }

<script type="text/html" data-template-name="tester">
    <!-- Join ID Input -->
    <div class="form-row">
        <label for="node-input-JoinID"><i class="icon-tag"></i> Join ID</label>
        <input type="text" id="node-input-JoinID" placeholder="Join ID">
    <!-- drop down -->
    <div class="form-row">
        <label for="node-input-makeSelection"><i class="icon-tag"></i> Make Selection</label>
        <select value="" select id="node-input-makeSelection">
            <option value="Run System Update">Run System Update</option>
            <option value="Clear All Node-RED Flows">Clear All Node-RED Flows</option>

<script type="text/html" data-help-name="tester">
    <p>This node is a local tester node</p>


module.exports = function (RED) {
    function TesterNode(config) {
        RED.nodes.createNode(this, config);
        var node = this;
        this.JoinID = config.JoinID;//
        //this.makeSelection = RED.nodes.getNode(config.makeSelection);//
        this.makeSelection = config.makeSelection;//

        // Your node logic here...

        this.on('input', function (msg) {

            node.warn("join id is: " + node.JoinID);//works ok
            node.warn("makeSelection is: " + node.makeSelection);//makeSelection is: undefined

    RED.nodes.registerType("tester", TesterNode);

You don't have a property named makeSelection in your defaults.

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And indeed two sets of defaults. (Not good)

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Didn't even spot that :eagle::eye:

edit: i tried adding the following which appeard to have worked fine.

            JoinID: {value:"", required:true },
            makeSelection: { value: "", required: true },

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