In node red drop down node not giving expected result incase of one selction item

In nodered dropdown, I am using first drop down to select the controllerid and based on the controller id it'll push data for further choosing of data to choose luminar id. But while selcting the second dropdown values are populating correctly. But in second dropdown if the selction items are more than one then it is selecting otherwise it is not(no output from second drop down).

Below is the flow:
flow1.json (5.1 KB)

Select S000 from first dropdown and select L000 from second drop down it will not give any output. But select S001 from first dropdown and it'll give two options if you select either one it'll give output in debug node.

Am I missing something here.

Please use the code formatting

Thank You!! I added as a json file

Got the Solution just removed the change node which was changing from msg.payload to msg.options and in function node only changed the output as msg.options.

But don't no why it worked as change node was giving the perfect result, with drop down it was not working.