How to add Picture on Dashboard

hi everyone.
Please help

how to add factory map image layouts according to the image below.

main points how to add images in ".jpg" format to the dashboard.!


Thank you.

That image wasn’t from Node-RED.

But if you want to add an image to the dashboard in Node-RED try searching the forum for “image dashboard” it has come up lots of times before.

A quick search of this forum (like 30 secs looking around) and this looks to be the easiest...

There is other was (like having a public folder with images in and using the ui_template node) but it's a bit more advanced. Involves editing setting.js but it is documented (see documentation link top of this forum)

Or there is this one under development - that may be useful if you have an svg image and want to make it interactive.

Hi Steve

i have been to used ui media but have stuck on link as per picture below

Please can you help for this issue.

Thank You

I've never used it but my guess is you need to first upload the selected image (apparently a button next to image selection) and deploy before you get a link.