How to audio output in Raspberry Pi


Hi, my name is Kim. I'm new here.
I'd like to make AI speaker with IBM Watson in a Raspberry Pi.
However, the Microphone Input node and the Play Audio node do not work on the Raspberry Pi.
We've tried installing the “speakerpi” output node, but it doesn't work either.
In this case, what should I do?


Where are you trying to play the audio?
Have you configured the pi to send audio to that output?

For the node-red-contrib-speakerpi have you installed the required component as per the ReadMe?


Thank you for your reply.
I use the 3.5mm audio terminal of the Raspberry Pi.
I want to output sound in wav format.
The above error occurs during installation.


Maybe is a bit off topic but if you are thinking on include a google home mini, which works great and you can integrate on node red somehow, you can send directly sound or sentences to be speach on the google home speaker.


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If you have already installed the node there's no need to install it again.

But if you want to install a node-red-node on the command line you need to be in the correct directory (~/.node-red) before you try.
Also that is a warn not an error. But you still need to install the other component as stated in the ReadMe...

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