Audio via speaker out

Hi all
Having far more trouble than expected trying to install anything to simply play anything out the 3.5mm socket on a pi4 (it will take triggers from a remote MQTT server & just be a trigger to audio converter).
I have tried about 4/5 modules via the palette manager and all seem to fail to install.
Running OS 2020-02-13-raspbian-buster-full
Node Red 1.0.5

Ultimately I would love to use TTS, but these all seem to be browser based. Thats for another day !

Any ideas/recommendations ?

The simplest on Pi (3 at least) is to use an exec node with espeak - which you can sudo apt install espeak
(there are some bugs in espeak with various workarounds so you may need to google if it doesn't just work)

[{"id":"f50c1d7f.e7875","type":"inject","z":"db548bc6.a7bb98","name":"","topic":"","payload":"hello  bigwillow","payloadType":"str","repeat":"","crontab":"","once":false,"onceDelay":0.1,"x":660,"y":360,"wires":[["a362c693.9796e8"]]},{"id":"a362c693.9796e8","type":"exec","z":"db548bc6.a7bb98","command":"espeak \"","addpay":true,"append":" \" --stdout | aplay","useSpawn":"false","timer":"","oldrc":false,"name":"","x":820,"y":360,"wires":[[],[],[]]}]

@dceejay thanks very much for that, OK not used an EXEC node before, I see how that works.
The voice is OK but not the best tbh I have tried using some of the other voices too.

IIs there a solution where I could use Watson AI to generate a better voice & play that to the speaker ?

No idea. I’ll let you play and experiment

OK cool, will do. Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

This might be worth a look Create a voice-enabled COVID-19 chatbot using Node-RED

@Brew thanks very much, will do

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