Node "Play Audio" and "Text-to-Speech" on a Raspberry Pi

Hello Guys.
I discovered Node-RED days ago and I just love it !

I want to read some strings with the node "Play audio" but it's not possible. If I understand correctly, the text to speech will work only if "browser has native support for Text-to-Speech".

So, how could I do the Text to Speech on a Raspberry Pi ?
Should I use another browser ? Which one ?

(I use the last Operative System Raspbian available)


Omar C

To generate speech locally on a pi for some languages you could have a look at pico2wave (disclaimer: im the maintainer of that node). Just follow the instructions to install the libraries and install the node from the palette.
Do you have a speaker connected to your pi? To play the generated audio set the pico2wave node to output to a file than connect an exec node to it with append msg.payload selected and aplay as the command.


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