How to automatically change file name based in a variable "job number"

I have my flow collecting a "job number" and other data automatically from a machine, all converted into a CSV using the CSV node and feed to an SMB node to create an Excell file in a shared drive in a server automatically when the job is finished. Node-red is not running on a local PC, the shared drive requires authentication "IP, username, password", therefore I can't use the regular file nodes, anyways the SMB node is set up properly to the point the file is created with a name that I manually enter into the SMB file with no problem at all.
But the idea is that upon each new "job number" the file will be named to that "job number", thus creating the different job number files required automatically. I understand this has to be done in a function node using javascript or JASONata, but I'm not a programmer by any means. So if there's anybody that can help me with this I really appreciated it, it is basically the last step of my project.

Here is a recent example of changing a filename.
How to insert a "variable string" into "FILENAME" topic of "FILE IN" node? - #3 by luks If you want more help you will need to supply more info.

like what info ?

What the input looks like
what the output should look like
what your flow looks like.

Your flow is corrupt.
please read

I will also need what the inputs are asand what you want the output to loko like.
please add some debug outputs of the inputs, etc

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