How to block trigger node?

i have a trigger node that resend me the existant msg every 1s.
Isthere a way to block the sending msg for a limit time ?

If a Trigger node is sending a message when it should not then that is a bug or s/w version issue of some sort. Can you explain in more detail exactly what is happening?
I wonder if perhaps it is an Inject node that you refer to not a Trigger node.

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If you have set the trigger to resend the existing message very 1 second and you just want to stop receiving that along your flow. You could look at using a context variable.

So in a second flow you can set a context flow ( on / off ) and then in your existing flow ou have a switch that detects the context variable flow.

Although it might be time to redesigning your flow...

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The Trigger node has not got an option to resend the existing message, unless I am confused.

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Now I am feeling very silly, I had never noticed that.
So to answer the question you could use node-red-contrib-simple-gate to block the messages when required. If you want to stop it for a certain time then you can use a Trigger node to send the Close message to the gate then after the defined time send the Open message.

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