How to browse opc-ua from ng-click (dashboard template)

Hi...i need to browse my opc server with node-red-contrib-opcua but i can't really figureout how to send a opc-ua topic to the opc-ua browse with the ng-click directive inside the dashboard template block.
Some tips?

Start by removing the dashboard from the equation.

Make sure you can do what you want using the inject node first.

Thanks for the replay.I've solved programmatically using the browse function in the async array of the opc-ua library.

Hi Roberto,

Can you please post een demo flow so I can see how this works. I am also trying out the OPC-UA


Hello Ducan,
do you have any example of opcua?

Any feedback about that?.
I'm also looking how to send the endpoint and base node-id to node-red and then browse the next level, or browse the whole tree.

Do you know how to do that?.
Thank you in advance.