OPC UA Client Browse Action has no attributes

Untitled Dear Sir,

Currently i am dealing with IIoT OPCUA using Node-Red. i wan t Here i have go through Entire workflow IIoT based OPC UA and i am not be able to use Browse Action because it didn't showing any attributes related to it. while clicking on OPC UA Client node.

I want to make a Tree hirarchy from Root not to child node using OPCUA and also want to fetch directories using Browse action. So is it possible?
Here i am attaching screenshot of action node.

Savan Tripathi
Silcore Technology


I cannot help you on your OPC question. But I'm going to advise you to secure your Node-RED instance right now.

You have exposed it to the internet with no security applied. If it has access to your devices, then you have exposed them to the internet as well.

You have blurred the IP address of your instance in the address bar, your ip address is still visible in that screenshot in the chrome tab.

Please read this post: ⚠️ Malware Infecting unsecured Node-RED servers

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