How to build simple spring boot application using Node-red

Hi I am Vinay,

I did not understand how to run spring boot application using Node-red platform.

Simple spring boot application code is shown in the link below

I have downloaded " java function node " and " jar function node " in node-red, but I did not understand how this example is used in Node-red.

If possible can anyone please guide me how to design or run this " spring boot applicaion " using Node-red .

node-red runs on node.js which uses javascript not Java.


But we have Java Function node in Node-red. Is this java function node helpful.
I have downloaded from manage pallete using " npm install node-red-contrib-java-function " in nodered

If you follow the link to the node's GitHub repository you will find that it no longer exists, so the node is no longer supported. It has not been updated for three years, so even if it does currently work it is very likely that it will stop working at some point.
I suggest you find a different way of solving your problem. Why do you want to use Java?

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