Potential uses of Nodered

I am sure the question of the purpose of nodered has been asked in the forum. Just to get some ideas what are some potential uses of Nodered? Are there examples of nodered being embedded in a java application?

Potential uses is something different than a question of embedding.
What answer are you looking for ?

node-red runs on nodejs, if you can embed nodejs in a java application, you can probably do it (albeit with a lot of work)

If you want to know what node-red can be used for, this covers a wide range, but if you have one application/hardware and you want them to talk to some other application/hardware (and they currently can't) - node-red can help. See it as a "glue" between hardware/software.

Last year there was a survey, which may be of interest.

  • Low-code development platform
  • prototyping
  • quick delivery of data-driven web UI's

In addition, some organisations such as Siemens have embedded Node-RED as a low-code development tool in their IoT solutions.

Not aware of anyone embedding it in Java though, not sure how easy that would be. I think that there are other low-code tools that use Java - don't Apache have one?

You can certainly embed it in other Node.js (JavaScript) applications.

What exactly do you mean by embedding node-red in a java application?

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