📋 2019 Community Survey results

Earlier this year we invited the community to complete a short survey about Node-RED.

It has taken some time to compile the results, but we've finally published them (I just had to finish a big overhaul of the website first...)

Thank you to everyone who participated; your input makes a real difference.

Read more on the blog:


Interesting, but the results for this question:
"What version of Node.js do you use?" might have been quite different if one of the answers was:
"Don't care, whatever is supported and works best."

I know for a while I was one of the 2%-ers that had to roll back to 4.x for a while 6.x and 8.x broke the ftp node I depended on. I updated when the ftp node was fixed.

Indeed. One of the big challenges with the survey was making sure the questions we asked (and the choices we offered) would provide meaningful results - given this is the first time we've done it.

We can certainly learn from the responses we got here and improve the questions for next year.

Surprised the number using NR for healthcare was so high. I guess I feel a bit less like I'm sticking my head into a guillotine...


Thank you for sharing the results. Interesting insights!