๐ŸŽ‰ 2023 Node-RED Community Survey

It has been four years since we last run our last Community Survey. At the time, we got lots of great input to the project and it help us get a better understanding of the community.

As things have moved on since then, we felt it was time to rerun the survey.

The questions have been updated, some removed, some added, but the overall structure is the same so we can see how things have evolved.

Everyone is welcome to complete the survey - whether you are new to Node-RED or one of our long-time community members. If you completed the previous survey, please do take a few minutes to complete this one. We really want to hear from everyone in the community.

The plan is to keep the survey open until the end of March and then we'll share the results with the community.

The survey link is available via the Node-RED blog post here.


It looks like you can only take the survey if you have a google login, is that correct?

I don't have a google account so I guess I won't be taking it.

That shouldn't be the case. It should be open for anyone. I just opened it in an incognito window (no google login) and could access it without issue.

Duhh, not enough sleep and not enough coffee. I was on the survey page and was clicking the

The short link for this survey is: [https://forms.gle/FDv9A5uusjMXgvjm9](https://forms.gle/h8UBPCXE8DrWc1hPA)

link which put me right back on the page (like it should). Taking it now. :flushed:


Bumping this topic.

We're well on the way to matching the number of responses we got to the survey back in 2019 - but we're aren't there yet.

If you haven't already, please give us a few minutes of your time to help shape the future of the project.


Hi, Could you please divulge how close/how many ?

P.S. Have your much loved twitchtv node-red bug fixing sessions moved elsewhere ?

Best regards

We're close to 600 responses at this point - which is awesome to see. We'd like to get over 800 to match the last survey, so every additional response counts.

Have your much loved twitchtv node-red bug fixing sessions moved elsewhere

We're on a break at the moment. They will return at some point when I can schedule them in a more sustainable way.