Can we create a survey engine in nodered?

Is there a possibility that we can create a survey engine (medical purposes), something which will take inputs from users in form fields in an app and scheduling questions for the upcoming days?

Thanks in advance for any help provided.


It would certainly be possible to do by writing a web based form and processing the form.

However, it won't be either simple nor easy. You will have to capture some kind of id for each participant and maintain the state of that id over the life of the survey (as you want multiple inputs from participants over several days). You will also need a suitable database.

In addition, depending on what part of the world you are developing for, you may (and indeed SHOULD) deal with the security aspects. Regions such as the EU, the UK and the USA for example have very strict laws regarding patient data and privacy.

In truth, I am far from convinced that using Node-RED for this would save you any time or money. You would be better off with a commercial survey engine or a workflow engine with a dedicated web front end. But to answer your direct question, yes it is certainly possible.