šŸ“• Big documentation update


I've just pushed a big update to the documentation.

The Getting Started is (hopefully) clearer for what to do depending on where you want to run Node-RED.

The main User Guide has had a bit of a reorganisation. I've also added a Node-RED Concepts page with a lot of the common terms we use - I'm sure there are others that should be on the list, but what's there is a good start.

There is a new FAQ section where we can start to answer things that come up regularly on here.

There is a new Tutorials section which currently only has the two existing tutorial flows, but will be a space to add more things.

The navigation has been updated on each page - with a 'breadcrumb' bar across the top to help you know where you are in the docs, and the left-hand table of contents is sticky (doesn't scroll off the page) so should be easier to use.

Quite a few pages have changed url as part of this work. I think we have redirects in place for everything, so no links should be broken. But please do let us know if you find something broken.

I have also updated the Cookbook to match the new style.

This isn't the end of the updates - but the set of changes had gotten sufficiently large that I wanted to get it published sooner rather than later.

Let me know what you think!


Thanks a lot for the current work Nick! Quick question, are the different set of docs only available as html or is there a base version in say MarkDown or exports to PDF? Iā€™m in the middle of home renovations and my internet connection is so spotty (while working on creating a couple custom nodes) that even paging between the docs was a random hit or miss every time I tried. So I tried to print the relevant parts I needed, only to realise I had to print each web page separately.

HI @afelix

the website is maintained in this repository: https://github.com/node-red/node-red.github.io/

You can grab it as a zip file from here: https://github.com/node-red/node-red.github.io/archive/master.zip

You can then read the raw markdown.

Alternatively, if you install https://jekyllrb.com/ then you can build it and browse your own local copy of the full website.


Nick, should the 'Interacting with Arduino' section mention using MQTT to talk back and forth. I lnow not all Arduino's have WiFi, but it seems like a lot of people are using the WeMos D1's with Node-RED. Just a thought.

p.s. I :heart: the breadcrumb bar

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Is using the Raspbian script still "recommended" for installing on Ubuntu and Debian distros?
Or should it only be used on the Pi now?

I will likely testing node red on Pi4B and Raspbian 10 "Buster" this afternoon or tomorrow.

Have a read of the comment box immediately below the url of the script: https://nodered.org/docs/getting-started/raspberrypi


knolleary, what a perfect example of a vision realized where answers to questions in the forum are links to the docs.

I'll have a look at the updates this PM.

Sorry for not reading into the Raspberry Pi page, but the local system instructions made me think npm -g was now preferred for everything but the others listed.

Maybe change the top level to say for installing on Raspberry Pi and other Debian/Ubuntu distributions?

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Hey, wwb666greene.

Yikes. Sorry if I offended you. Please don't read into my response any negative reflection on your actions in any way.

This is a great leap forward. When I started with NR, I read through the documentation once, thought it was a good introduction, and never looked at it again. Since then, it has gradually added enough depth and detail that I have been consulting it from time to time. Now, I expect to be looking at it a lot more often.

BTW, does anyone else find the color of the "breadcrumb" bar just a bit anemic (anaemic)? Any of the red tints on the home or blog pages would have a much smaller wimp factor :slightly_smiling_face:

https://nodered.org/docs/runtime/embedding page has a little 404 issue

I agree that it would be worth mentioning this on the Getting Started page, as an Ubuntu user may never even look at the Pi page.

I have added a note to the local install page to point Debian/Ubuntu users over to the Pi page. I've added suitable OS logos to make it stick out more.
Let me know if you think its clear enough - https://nodered.org/docs/getting-started/local

Thanks - fixed.

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Minor typo in the added note, but otherwise looks good.
"you can use or Pi install script "

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Me Culpa for not reading beyond the top page where my question would have been answered without asking, but I think the ambiguity I noted has been addressed with the recent changes.

Great work on the docs

It's only a small thing but if you select the Cookbook or Developing the Core buttons from the nav page the navigation in the top left is different to the other pages

yes re Developing the Core - but can't see the problem with cookbook... can you share an image ?

That is because the Cookbook is distinct from the docs... at least, that was the theory there.

Re Developing the Core - oops. Overlooked that section because there's so little in there.

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on tutorial, a link to 'sencond-flow' takes me to 'first-flow'.

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