How to cancel HTTP Request

I am using HTTP Request to send aRest commands to some arduinos. These commands initiate a reset of the arduino, however I do not get a response (for obvious reasons) from the Arduino, and so each of the HTTP Requests eventually time out. Is there a way to send a command to a HTTP Request to immediately stop the request?


If set to a positive number of milliseconds, will override the globally set httpRequestTimeout parameter.

Thank you, but I do not understand exactly what you mean. Do I use a function node and set msg.requestTimeout to a positive number then also pass this to the HTTP Request?

If you click the http request node once and click the book on the right, it will provide you with the documentation for the node (this applies to most nodes), which explains that you can set a message property to adjust its behaviour.

So yes, you can set msg.requestTimeout with a value using a change node or a function node.

In the Arduino, respond to the request and wait a short time for it to be sent, before resetting.

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